How to Buy Retail

While purchasing wholesale will save you money in the long term by providing a 25% discount and free product, you are always welcome to buy retail through our online store.

Below, I provide a step by step walk-through of purchasing Copaiba so you know what to expect in the checkout process through our replicated site.

To buy from us, first go to and then select “Shop” from the menu.

“Join & Save” leads to the Wholesale Customer and Wellness Advocate prompts.


Adding a product to your cart will trigger a login prompt.
Then select “Continue as a Guest” to purchase.  Select region.


Select your products. When you are done, select “GO TO CART”.


Fill out your shipping information.


This next part is critical for us to get credit for your order. 
The Wellness Advocate# 2145024 referrer ID should show up automatically,  otherwise please include it to ensure correct processing of your order.
retail credit
Either setup a password for your account or skip this part.
You are almost done! Your personal and order information will be populated, confirm that it is correct and you can add any additional items to your order.


That’s it! Congratulations, welcome to the team.

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