Getting Started with Essential Oils



You might have heard about essential oils from a friend, saw it on display at a local health foods store, or even read about it on the internet.  Here at, we aim to connect you with the latest in scientific research about essential oils and give you a clear understanding of how you integrate them into your life to improve the health of you and your family.


As a PhD Molecular Biologist, I try to use the best scientific evidence available when making decisions about my health. After reviewing the scientific literature, I was convinced that Essential Oils are going to be the next big thing in healthcare. All natural and a fraction of the cost of many pharmaceutical drugs, these oils are powerful and can help address a wide range of health concerns.

Since the beginning of humankind, people all over the world have been using plants to help solve their health problems. Now that we are connected globally, we can unlock the full potential of Mother Nature’s toolbox .

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Where do essential oils come from?

When you squeeze a lemon peel or pinch a peppermint leaf, you can smell the natural aromatic compounds released.  Essential oils are produced by the steam distillation (or cold pressing) of fruits, herbs and resins to extract the concentrated blend of chemicals which contain the healing power of the plant.  These essential oils are highly concentrated. For example, it takes 45 lemons to make a single 15mL bottle of doTERRA’s lemon essential oil.  This means that you only need a drop or two to get the same or greater effect than you would from herbs. For example, one drop of peppermint essential oil is the equivalent to 28 cups of peppermint tea!

What makes essential oils so effective?

There is growing body of evidence to back up the therapeutic benefits of essential oils. These studies backup both the individual chemical components of the oils (like the menthol found in peppermint) as well as the usage of essential oil blends (like this study investigating the On Guard Immune Support blend).


How to use essential oils:

Aromatically:  The easiest way to use essential oils aromatically is to put a drop or two in your cupped hands to breathe in. Alternatively you can use a diffuser to cover the room in delightful vapors. By activating your olfactory center the vapors can have a powerful and immediate impact and contribute to you becoming relaxed or excited depending on the oil used.

Topically: You can rub a drop or two to your feet, back of the neck or any other areas that need direct relief. You only need a drop or two of high quality essential oil, and to cover a larger area you can dilute with fractionated coconut oil or other carrier oils (grapeseed, avocado, olive etc.). Our skin acts as a filter and due to their specific chemical properties, essential oils are able to pass through the skin and into nearby tissues before being carried throughout the rest of our bodies making topical application ideal for many oils.

Internally: While highly pure and safe for aromatic and topical usage, not every oil from doTERRA is recommended for use internally. This is reflected by the labeling on the bottle. For those oils which are safe for internal usage (such as peppermint, lemon and lavender), you can add a drop or two to a cup of water, place a drop under your tongue, or fill up a veggie cap. This method of use is an excellent way to support your digestive tract and improve the taste of your beverages.

You should only dilute in glass, metal or ceramic cups because oils can react with plastic products.

Some ways you can use essential oils to help support your daily life:

  • Drink some water with peppermint to wake up
  • Rub the digestzen blend on your belly when your stomach gets upset
  • Diffuse lavender to relax at bedtime
  • Clean the stain on your jacket or flavor your water with lemon
  • Inhale the “Breathe” blend before a run and rub on “Deep Blue” to help your knees recover afterwards


Why choose doTERRA Essential Oils?

doTERRA’s oils are Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade (CPTG): This labeling is a short-hand way of describing their process which ensures the oils are pure, pesticide free, filler free, synthetic chemical free, and are true to their labeling.  Each batch undergoes extensive 3rd party testing to certify their purity. You can learn more about their process at including looking up the GC-MS quality control data from the lot number on the bottom of your bottle.

Co-impact sourcing: doTERRA helps growers organize into cooperatives which ensures their collective bargaining rights and cuts out the middlemen. Their improved growing practices ensure oil potency and sustainability as well as allowing the growers to receive fair pricing for their work.

doTERRA Healing Hands Foundation: Their non-profit partners with other fine organizations including: Mentors International, Operation Underground Railroad, and Days for Girls in addition to building schools, hospitals and digging wells all around the world.


Let’s get started now!

Do you have seasonal sneezes or the occasional cold? Do you have difficulties relaxing and sleeping? How about aches and soreness? We have two kits with the ten most popular oils ready to solve most of the most common health and happiness issues facing us in life and they come together in a kit that you can buy right now.

Home Essentials Kit*: Large 15mL bottles (~250 drops) and a petal diffuser which can cover a 330 square foot room in essential oil infused mist.

Home Essential Kit W

Family Essentials Kit*: 5mL bottles (~80 drops) and OnGuard & Peppermint beadlets (perfect for keeping at your desk or carrying in a purse).

Family Essentials Kit W

To order one these two kits today, go to and click “Join and Save” to purchase an enrollment kit and make future purchases at the wholesale customer price!

Using essential oils is quite different from taking pharmaceuticals, so once your oils are on the way, I like to setup an appointment with you to help get you started. This is a free 30 minute phone (or online) appointment with you to talk through how to use the oils effectively and to go over your health goals and how to use your essential oils can help you address them.

We would love for you to connect with us, please join our facebook group which focuses on having an uplifting conversation about essential oil usage.

*doTERRA’s enrollment kits are available all over the world, but the names and prices will be different when purchasing outside of the USA.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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