Why doTERRA?

doTERRA’s commitment to high quality products gives customers confidence that their experiences will be consistent with those from clinical and laboratory settings. The compensation plan is structured for long term financial success. I can feel confident when my friends join us in this business, that we are in this to build a lasting community together.


It is clear to me, that essential oils are on their way to being in every home as the public becomes educated about them. Knowing that, this is the best time to become an advocate for their use. The only question is which company did I want to be a distributor for?

I wanted to work with a company that was committed to the big, long term future. That had a track- record of taking care of their wellness advocates, recognized that essential oils were just one part of a bigger healthy lifestyle and that had a compensation plan structured to reward long term investment.


The fact that doTERRA is committed to supporting independent academic research is important to me. It shows a long term commitment to establishing the credibility of essential oils as a scientifically respectable treatment method.

To get a better understanding of how doTERRA has helped academics, I reached out to Dr. Nikki Parrish after her talk at the doTERRA convention last year. Her research group had tried other brands of essential oils but failed to achieve consistent results. When she reached out to doTERRA for setting up her “every oil versus every bug” experiment, they shipped her a huge box full of their Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade oils. These oils were not only effective, but they were consistent batch to batch and allowed her group to continue their efforts to quantify their antimicrobial qualities.


This shouldn’t be a surprise, doTERRA views itself as a “science company” as much as a consumer goods company. Education is a major part of what wellness advocates do and doTERRA has some fantastic resources to support this. The newest aid is the Source to You Website (www.sourcetoyou.com), which does a couple of things:

  1. It helps explain all of the steps between harvesting the plants and the bottle of oil reaching your door
  2. It connects directly with registered healthcare professionals in order to give them direct access to high quality resources to help them integrate oils into their practice
  3. It grants access to the quality control data for each batch. You can go to the site, type in your product’s lot number and dive into the GC-MS data for your oil to ensure that it is exactly the therapeutic grade oil they say it is.

2013 sourcing map

doTERRA sets a high standard for business ethics. They source their oils where the plants grow best and have the oils processed locally in order to ensure the highest quality product. doTERRA recognizes their unique position as a gateway to the developed worlds’ markets for some of the most impoverished regions of the world through co-impact sourcing initiatives which have revolutionized what it means to be “fair-trade”.  

The doTERRA compensation plan is structured in a way that it can create a sustainable income and reward the time investment for educating and supporting people interested in using the products. The cleverly constructed compensation structure rewards healthy, supportive marketing behavior and team building.  This means that you can expect support from the community at all the stages of your oil journey: from just getting started using the oils, to opening up and sharing the oils and jumping into becoming an oil biz rock star!!

I hope you enjoyed reading about how we got into essential oils with doTERRA. If you are interested being part of this doTERRA Wellness Community, please let me know! You can reach me on Facebook or on Twitter.

If you are interested in learning more about oils or purchasing products, you can check out our business webpage at www.mydoterra.com/hoptothedrop.

If you purchase products through our website it supports us 😉 .

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