Why now?

I decided to follow my passion and “dive” into a new career focused on cultivating a community of educated, empowered wellness advocates

As you know from my last post, I was blown away by the science behind essential oils and was all in for sharing oils. Between the clinical and anecdotal evidence, I was on board but I wasn’t sure how much to commit to sharing this newfound passion with others. After all, hadn’t everyone already heard about these oils from someone on facebook already?

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In my life as a molecular biologist, I have had a chance to do tons of cool research work. I got my start engineering plants for improved nutrition content, moved on to studying green tea’s flu fighting properties, did my PhD thesis work engineering and evolving yeast to make plastic from renewable resources. This work taught me how to think deeply about a problem and how to execute on a solution. It also taught me that my greatest skill was sharing my passion for science with others.

After some soul-searching, I realized that I could have the greatest impact on people’s lives through sharing essential oils and developing a community of wellness.

But could it really be a sustainable business?


During my PhD work at the University of Texas, I participated in an interdisciplinary training program for graduate students through UT’s McCombs School of Business. Texas Venture Labs connects teams of students from business, law, science and engineering disciplines to work on business development projects for local startups.

In this class, we had lectures by business leaders including Austin, Texas Crossfit Legend Jeremy Thiel. Jeremy came and talked about his experience founding and operating Crossfit Central, a world renowned, million dollar sports enterprise. In the middle of his talk, he shared  that if he wanted to, he could make more money through his direct sales business than Crossfit.  This endorsement established network marketing as a credible business structure in my mind.


Now is the perfect time for getting into sharing essential oils as a business. There is enough science to back up their health benefits, and the market size is expected to double over the next 10 years! 

With things moving so fast, I felt that this would be the perfect time to leave my ivory tower of science and focus on connecting with medical professionals and health minded individuals to build wellness communities using essential oil derived products.


One of the most inspiring speeches I have heard lately was this one from Supergirl.

You can check it out in the YouTube video at the 5:07 mark.

“Dive. You’re standing on the shore afraid to dive into the new waters. And you’re afraid because you don’t want to say goodbye to the mild mannered, love-lorn Kara Danvers; the sweet and dutiful assistant to Cat Grant. You are standing there looking out at your options- the icy blue water, the fast flowing river, and the choppy sea and they all look very appealing to you, because your dying to go for a swim. But you know that water is going to be cold, and the journey is going to be hard. And when you reach the other side you will have become a new person. And you’re scared to meet that new version of yourself. Now we all get used to our own personas, and we’re used to our own comfort zones, but trust me, in order to live we must keep daring, keep diving.”

– Cat Grant [Season 2, Episode 1 “The Adventures of Supergirl”]

I knew that to be my best self, I needed to just dive in!


I hope you enjoyed reading about how I took the plunge and started marketing essential oils fulltime. If you want to connect, you can reach me on Facebook or on Twitter.

If you are interested in learning more about oils or purchasing products, you can check out our business webpage at www.mydoterra.com/hoptothedrop.

If you purchase products through our website it supports us 😉 .

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